Cyclist  ~ [German]

Citrus Beer ~ [Bavaria]



Picture this - the sun is blazing, you've just conquered a
Bavarian mountain pass, and you're gasping... 

Your mind is fixated on that ice-cold beer, with glistening beads of condensation...


Fortunately, we have just the answer! RADLER - low in ABV and
calories, high in flavour and refreshment. A light crisp beer
blended with orange, lemon, and grapefruit...


ABV 2.3% Contains: Barley.


Growler Refills

Growler refills purchased on this page do not include the growler, only the beer filled, and are for on-site collection only. We can only fill growlers which can be pressurised, and fit our filling system (generally steel/glass growlers are fine - plastic is not). Discounted growler refills are available for owners of PIG BEER growlers.