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Light, refreshing and perfectly carbonated with just a hint of our favourite premium hops - Citra and Prima Donna.


330ml Bottles. ABV4.0% Contains Barley, Wheat & Ultimate Refreshment



A STORM is brewing at PIG BEER HQ. With a gust of Prima Donna from our hop plantation and a burst of Citra and Chinook hops to finish, our balanced 4.8% IPA will leave you waiting for the next downpour.


330ml Bottles. ABV 4.8% Contains: Barley, Wheat & Ultimate Refreshment



A refreshing dark beer you say? Well we've only gone and done it! BLAK - a balanced and refreshing milk stout with notes of cocoa and dark fruit, a light bitterness, and an irresistibly smooth texture.

330ml Bottles. ABV 4.5% Contains: Barley, Oats, Lactose & Ultimate Refreshment



Our take on a Kristallweizen or Crystal wheat beer - with a unique twist of hops delivering a clean refreshing flavour, hints of citrus and cloves.

330ml Bottles. ABV 4.9%

Contains: Wheat, Barley, Oats & Ultimate Refreshment


A blast of tangy lingonberry to take off, a whoosh of fresh strawberry, and finishing with a gentle twinkle of ginger to bring you back down to the ground.

Prepare for takeoff and hold onto your lingonberries - the countdown is on to Ultimate Refreshment


330ml Bottles. ABV 4.1% Contains: Barley, Lactose & Ultimate Refreshment


An irresistibly smooth milk stout with a strong cherry undertone and light bitterness, luxurious CHERY will whisk you away to the Black Forest for a refreshing break of fruity decadence.

330ml Bottles. ABV 4.5% Contains: Barley, Oats, Lactose & Ultimate Refreshment

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