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What Is Craft Beer?

Craft beer is a growing trend in the beer industry, with more and more people turning to craft brewers for their favourite brews. Generally, craft beer is defined by its quality ingredients, small batches, independent production and innovative flavour combinations. It's an exciting experience for beer lovers as they explore the experimental flavours and unique recipes crafted by craft breweries.

While craft beer is often considered to be brewed by small and independent breweries, many popular craft breweries are now owned by international drinks corporations so it’s not always clear.

So what makes a beer craft? Let's take a closer look at what defines craft beer and what makes a craft brewery stand out from the rest.

Quality Ingredients

Crafting beer is an art form that requires the perfect combination of high quality ingredients. From malted barley, hops, and yeast to specialty grains and herbs, brewers must carefully select their ingredients to create a unique flavour and aroma that will stand out among the rest. With the right combination of ingredients, craft beer can be elevated to a whole new level of excellence.

Small Batches

Independent craft breweries are popping up all across the country, offering unique and high-quality beers to those who appreciate small batch brewing. Small batch brewing is a great way for craft brewers to experiment with new recipes without having to commit to large quantities of beer. By creating smaller batches, brewers can also be sure that their beer is as fresh as possible when it reaches the customer.

At PIG BEER we brew most of our beers in 30HL (hectolitre) batches across three fermentation vessels giving us a 90HL brewing capacity. For comparison, in 2019 Carlsberg opened a new 1,000,000HL brewery in Hamburg.


As craft breweries become increasingly popular, more and more people are looking for ways to enjoy their beer without having to rely on big corporate breweries. Local, independent craft breweries are popping up all over the country. These new breweries bring a sense of freedom and independence that can't be found in the mass-produced beers of larger companies. By supporting local craft breweries, you can help ensure that these small businesses continue to thrive and provide an alternative to corporate beer.

Unfortunately it is harder than ever to determine the difference between an international corporation and an independent brewery as the big companies quietly acquire more small craft breweries. Generally speaking though this shouldn’t affect the product as this is usually more of a business and logistics change. They may start producing higher quantities of beer but the quality and creative freedom of the brewery is usually left intact.


Craft brewers are pushing the boundaries of brewing by experimenting with different ingredients and styles. From yuzu to coffee, craft beer makers are creating exciting brews that will tantalise your taste buds. There are a variety of styles to choose from, ranging from light and refreshing to bold and complex. From the tart and sour gose to the hazy double dry-hopped IPA. So if you're looking for something new and interesting to try, craft beer is the way to go!

At PIG BEER we love trying exciting and different beers and we’re always thinking about what we can do next. We recently brewed the first batch of LINGO which is a Lingonberry Milk IPA. It has real lingonberries, strawberries and ginger in it as well as a little lactose for some extra body and a slightly sweet edge. See our full range here:


Craft beer is an ever-evolving term that has been used to define a range of different beers. While there is no concrete definition for what craft beer is, it generally refers to beers that are made in small batches, with high quality ingredients and a focus on creating unique flavours.


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